Media Bias 

Do YOU really think the Presidential election of 2024 won't be tampered with?? Please read!

I used to think of the FBI and the DOJ as the ultimate guarantors of our basic constitutional rights and freedoms. No longer! These agencies have clearly interfered in recent American elections. They recently released the long-awaited report from Special Investigator John Durham, and it confirms what millions of Americans already knew about the 2016 election.

That is - the FBI investigation into “Trump – Russia collusion” was based on complete fabrication - the infamous “Steele Dossier” - paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016. Instead of validating the Clinton information on Trump, the FBI used the “Steele Dossier” as its pretense to rush headlong into an investigation that crippled the Trump Campaign and Administration in the courts, including the court of public opinion. The Steele Dossier was also used in the secretive FISA court where its false information was used to gain warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign. To make matters far worse, America’s left-leaning, corporate-owned media carried the water for this anti-Trump narrative for years, with no journalistic effort to verify any of it.

Consider also: In 2020, just prior to the November election – the FBI leaned on major Social Media companies in numerous meetings to suggest in their messaging that the Hunter Biden Laptop news story was merely Russian dis-information. But the FBI knew better, because it had this laptop in its possession since 2019 to examine, verify, etc., NO ONE now doubts its authenticity as belonging to Hunter Biden. The laptop exposed much about what is commonly referred to as the “Biden Crime Family” and the outright depravity in the life of Hunter Biden. Polls suggest 15-20% of Biden voters would not have voted for him, had they known the truth about the content of the laptop.

Now consider this: Quite recently, The FBI has illegally refused to comply with a legally binding Congressional Oversight Committee  subpoena for an FBI Form 1023 that Congressman Comer and Senator Grassley say confirms BIDEN FAMILY corruption - involving millions of $$ from foreign nations including China, Ukraine, and other countries.

Despite 10’s of thousands of fentanyl deaths and the obvious, ruinous effect on big cities resulting from Biden’s disastrous open border policy, and despite his humiliating military departure from Afghanistan, I have no doubt the FBI leadership will go all out to shove him down our collective American throat for four more years in 2024. They know their corrupt careers are finished – and possibly worse - if Joe Biden is not returned to the White in November 2024

SO, Here’s my question to the reader: Do YOU really think the FBI and its parent, the Dept of Justice, CAN AFFORD NOT TO INTERFERE once again in the 2024 election to insure the return of Joe Biden to the White House? Ponder that!

Conservative American PAC
Vicki Ernst, Chair

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Here’s the legislation passed by Minnesota’s DFL majority -The 2023 Minnesota legislative session is over.

Democrats returned to St. Paul in January with a $17.5 billion surplus and total control of state government, which hinges on their one-seat majority in the Senate that was decided by just a few hundred votes.

One dissenting voice would have been enough to derail their entire agenda. Instead, swing-district senators were reliable green votes on every major piece of legislation.

In just four months, the DFL majority:

  • Established a “fundamental right” to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy;
  • Declared Minnesota a “refuge” for children seeking sex changes;
  • Passed the “Take Pride Act,” which will prohibit nonprofits that serve minors from discriminating based on “gender identity” in hiring practices;
  • Passed protections for women who travel to Minnesota for abortions;
  • Repealed protections for babies who survive abortions;
  • Stripped pregnancy resource centers of state funding;
  • Gutted reporting requirements for abortion facilities;
  • Expanded medical assistance to include abortion (taxpayer-funded abortion);
  • Repealed an informed consent law for abortion;
  • Legalized recreational marijuana use;
  • Increased government spending by 40 percent;
  • Raised the gas tax by indexing it to inflation;
  • Created a new delivery fee on all retail orders over $100;
  • Increased sales taxes and fees for vehicle purchases and registration;
  • Passed a metro-wide sales tax increase;
  • Enacted automatic voter registration;
  • Passed pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds;
  • Joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact;
  • Funded a study on ranked-choice voting;
  • Passed a bill to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants;
  • Passed a bill to provide health care to illegal immigrants;
  • Restored the right to vote to violent felons who are on probation;
  • Created a commission to design a new state flag;
  • Replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day;
  • Declared Juneteenth a state holiday;
  • Raised the threshold for a political party to attain or maintain “major party” status from 5 percent to 8 percent beginning in the 2024 general election;
  • Passed a bill to require Minnesota’s electricity grid to be 100% carbon-free by 2040;
  • Banned so-called “conversion therapy;”
  • Passed two gun control bills, including a red-flag law and universal background checks;
  • Provided free college at state institutions to students in families with income under $80,000;
  • Passed a bill to provide free lunch and breakfast to all Minnesota students regardless of family income;
  • Increased spending on K-12 education by 10.2 percent;
  • Banned Native American mascots;
  • Raised fees for fishing, boating, and visiting state parks;
  • Created a hate speech database;
  • Banned no-knock warrants;
  • Created a program that will allow inmates who complete certain programming to serve just half of their prison sentences;
  • Created a state-run paid leave program that will raise taxes on employers and employees;
  • Established a new legal avenue for prosecutors to seek lower sentences;
  • Funded a new Office of Restorative Practices that will propose alternatives to incarceration for juveniles who commit serious crimes;
  • Commissioned a study on abolishing cash bail;
  • Created a new public database that will assign climate scores to large businesses;
  • Capped rebate checks at $260 per filer, with income limits, and down from the $1,000 initially proposed by Gov. Tim Walz.