The Conservative American PAC was founded to provide financial and human resource support to endorsed or recommended Republican candidates running for Minnesota Legislative and Statewide Offices. The PAC was organized in June of 2014 by a group of four former executive officers of the Carver County Republican Party. The group has since expanded their support to Conservative candidates for Minnesota Federal, State and Local Candidates. Consideration is currently being given to expanding support to candidates beyond the borders of Minnesota.

The original name of the PAC was the “Carver County Conservative PAC”. That name was recently changed to the “Conservative American PAC” in hopes of creating a broader appeal and in keeping with past support for candidates outside Carver County. It is also hoped that the name change might attract members and supporters beyond the borders of Carver County. Membership to the PAC is by invite only, but the Executive Committee welcomes inquiries about membership.

In addition to supporting Conservative Candidates for political office, the PAC has in the past and will continue to take a conservative position in support or opposition to political and social issues which may arise. The PAC provides ongoing political education on Federal, State and Local issues through its website, emails and Social Media. Conservative thinking people throughout Minnesota and our neighboring states are encouraged to make us aware of candidates or issues needing our support by contacting us on this website or by contacting any of our officers.